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In-depth Interpretation | How does IColocomf Make Difference?

In the academic journal literature published earlier, Aichangkang® dual-target fecal DNA detection products have been verified by several testing units including Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, etc. Aichangkang® products The excellent performance has been fully confirmed and the mechanism of dual-target detection to improve detection sensitivity has been preliminarily explained. The related studies were published in Frontier Molecular Bioscience and The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. (Click the ↓ link below to view):

In order to further explain the potential mechanism of the excellent combined detection performance of SDC2 and TFPI2, Emerson, together with Anyang Cancer Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University and the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, published the latest research results in the journal 'BMC Gastroenterology' for everyone Influencing factors and possible rationale for methylation-based tumor marker performance are revealed.

 - experiment method -

In this study, the researchers firstly divided the samples into three groups according to the promoter methylation status of SDC2 and TFPI2 in colorectal cancer samples: SDC2/TFPI2 double positive group (HH group), SDC2/TFPI2 single positive group (HL group) group) and SDC2/TFPI2 double-negative group (LL group). Clinicopathological parameters and molecular features were assessed by internal and external cohorts, including the TCGA, GEO, and D311 bowel cancer datasets.

深度探究 | 艾长康®双靶标粪便DNA检测技术究竟如何“与众不同”?

The researchers first compared the relationship between the three groups of samples and colorectal tumor location. In all datasets, there was no preference for the distribution of different tumor locations in the HH and LL groups, while the samples in the HL group were mainly from the left colon with only a small fraction of the samples from the right colon and rectum. This suggests that tumors located in the left colon are more likely to be single-positive for methylation, that is, tumors in the left colon are more likely to be missed by a single methylation target.


深度探究 | 艾长康®双靶标粪便DNA检测技术究竟如何“与众不同”?

High MSI (microsatelliteinstability, microsatellite instability) and high mutation are considered important molecular features of colorectal cancer. The study demonstrated that the HH group (i.e., both SDC2 and TFPI2 methylation positive) had the highest microsatellite instability and mutational burden compared with the other two groups.


深度探究 | 艾长康®双靶标粪便DNA检测技术究竟如何“与众不同”?

The age of patients is one of the risk factors for colon cancer. The study found that the patients in the HH group were significantly older, while the patients in the LL group were the youngest.
深度探究 | 艾长康®双靶标粪便DNA检测技术究竟如何“与众不同”?

 - in conclusion -

The findings suggest that the performance of methylation-based tumor markers may be influenced by factors such as tumor location, patient age, mutational burden, and MSI. In particular, a single methylated tumor marker showed distinct methylation signatures in left- and right-sided colon cancer samples, SDC2 methylation was more sensitive for right-sided colon tumors, and TFPI2 gene A Methylation is more sensitive for left-sided colon tumors, so detection of colorectal cancer with single-target methylation alone may lead to higher missed detections. Considering that left-sided colorectal cancer is more prevalent in East Asian populations, the differential signature of this single methylated tumor marker in the left and right colons may increase the risk of missed diagnosis of colorectal tumors. The influence of multiple factors, including anatomical location, needs to be assessed.

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深度探究 | 艾长康®双靶标粪便DNA检测技术究竟如何“与众不同”?

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深度探究 | 艾长康®双靶标粪便DNA检测技术究竟如何“与众不同”?


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