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American AACC | Ameson shines in Chicago, accelerating the global market layout

On July 24-28, 2022, local time, the 74th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & clinical lab Expo was grandly opened in Chicago. Ameson brought cancer early screening products to the exhibition site to show the world the charm of China's national brand and cutting-edge technology.

美国AACC | 艾米森闪耀芝加哥,加速推动全球市场布局

AACC is the world's largest in vitro diagnostic industry conference. Since 1950, it has become one of the highest quality and largest international academic conferences in the field of clinical testing in the world, with important international influence. According to the official website of AACC, there are 819 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

美国AACC | 艾米森闪耀芝加哥,加速推动全球市场布局

△ 本届AACC在芝加哥迈考密展览中心盛大开幕

美国AACC | 艾米森闪耀芝加哥,加速推动全球市场布局

△Ameson brings cancer early screening products to AACC

In this grand meeting, among the self-developed products carried by Ameson, aichangkang ® It has obtained the national class 3 medical device registration certification, and is the first product in China based on the double label detection of intestinal cancer. The detection can take into account different parts of the large intestine. The detection sensitivity for intestinal cancer is 95.3%, and the detection rate for precancerous lesions is 63.4%. The performance is excellent. In 2021, the detection products of colorectal cancer were recognized as 'international advanced level' by the Ministry of industry and information technology. And 7 products have obtained CE certification, including: colorectal cancer fecal DNA methylation detection kit - aichangkang ®, Blood methylation detection kit for colorectal cancer AI Changjian ®, Esophageal cancer blood methylation detection kit - aisinin ®, Liver cancer blood methylation detection kit - aixingan ®, Cervical cancer methylation detection kit - aigongshu ®, Detection kit for methylation of exfoliated cells of endometrial carcinoma -- aigongle ®, Aixiao'an, a blood methylation kit for joint detection of five cancers in digestive system ® And a series of early non-invasive detection products for high-risk tumors.

美国AACC | 艾米森闪耀芝加哥,加速推动全球市场布局

△Early screening and early diagnosis scheme for intestinal cancer by Ameson - AI Changkang ®

美国AACC | 艾米森闪耀芝加哥,加速推动全球市场布局
△Amison product layout
美国AACC | 艾米森闪耀芝加哥,加速推动全球市场布局

△The amison booth attracted many participants

Adhering to the corporate mission of 'early screening of cancer and victory over cancer', amison has demonstrated its determination and vision to build a community with a shared future for human health and free hundreds of millions of families around the world from the pain of cancer. We will base ourselves on our own land, look at the world, continue to innovate, and show the world the strength of China's independent research and development and the strength of China's brand.

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