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Absorb the wisdom of all employees, and jointly write a new corporate culture! This event is inspiri

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise

It is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises

All corporate culture that cannot be practiced or not practiced

It's all empty talk

On December 18th, Emerson Life Science and Technology organized a theme activity of 'Corporate Culture Seminar'. All staff participated in the whole event deeply. In the game and discussion, the new enterprise culture of Emerson Life Science and Technology was sublimated together!

Part 1: Icebreaker Game - Team Development Tangram

In order to let everyone experience the corporate culture, an ice-breaking game was set up in the opening session: the game was divided into 7 groups, and each group needed to complete the corresponding task within the specified time according to the content of the cards in hand.


After more than an hour of team development, each team partner deeply realized the importance of goal consensus, effective coordination and teamwork to the enterprise.

As a rapidly developing biotechnology innovation enterprise, Emerson Life Technology's way forward is inseparable from the hard work of every Emerson staff, and also requires a unified collective consciousness and strong team cohesion.

Part 2: Interpretation of Emerson Life Technology's corporate culture

After the game, the partners returned to their seats to start learning. Human resources director Boyce analyzed the importance of corporate culture in detail, and explained the core of corporate culture through the onion model: corporate culture is based on value standards, normative systems, and culturally explicit. The way to moisten things is silently reflected in every moment of the company, everyone and everything.


In order to let every partner have a more thorough understanding of the corporate culture of Emerson Life Technology. Athena, Deputy General Manager of Emerson Life Technology, explained the current corporate culture, vision, mission and core values of Emerson Life Technology, and dismantled the talent standards and core competencies of Emerson people word by word, so that partners can more deeply understand I felt the employment concept and cultural atmosphere of Emerson Life Technology.

Part 3: Employee Sharing - The Days We Walked Through with Emerson Life Technology

In the early days of the company's establishment, there was a shortage of personnel. In many cases, one person did the work of multiple people. Even under such circumstances, we finally won a good customer reputation, 'Emisen is very focused on research and development, their products are very good!' is the most frequently heard voice among many partners.

The customer's recognition reflects the hardships behind it. Several early employees of the company came to the stage to share their mental journey over the years, and the scene was full of emotion.


Sweet:“In front of customers, I will always represent the company's image and must go all out!”

“Once in the process of doing technical support for the enterprise, due to the failure of internal communication and handover, I was made difficult by the customer at the customer site. In this case, I can't blame it internally, and I have to go all out to try to get it back. When I finally received a satisfactory response from the customer, I was relieved.。”

Christine:“I want to study patent knowledge in depth and get active recognition from experts”

“The core of an enterprise lies in technology, and the concrete manifestation of technology lies in patents. In the future, in the competition between technology-based enterprises, patent competition is a particularly important part. When connecting with patent companies, at first, due to lack of understanding, the materials compiled did not meet the requirements. In order to make the company more competitive in the market in the future Guarantee, in my spare time, I taught myself patent writing technology. Through continuous learning, I exceeded the company's patent writing task, and finally won the recognition of experts!”

Conor:“There are few people and there is a lot of pressure, but with you, I can persevere and overcome difficulties”

“In the first few years of its establishment, there were not many people. I took on a number of brand promotion tasks: design, video editing, packaging design, and official account organization... The reason why I am willing to do this is that on the one hand, I recognize it. I am willing to take the initiative to contribute to the company's values; on the other hand, the company has a harmonious team atmosphere, and the partners around me have provided me with a lot of encouragement. In the end, I persevered.。”

Linn:“Early tumor screening is a sunrise industry, I am very optimistic, so I am willing to challenge myself!”

“At the time of the interview, there were only a few people in the company and the area was very small. After communicating with Eric, I felt the strong doctor's feelings and cutting-edge biotechnology of Emerson Life Technology. In this way, I made up my mind to break through the original comfort zone and enter the medical industry. Although the daily traffic time is more than 2 hours, I do not regret it. During the 6 years of work, the company's office area has grown from a dozen square meters at the beginning to more than 5,000 square meters, and the number of employees has doubled. Along the way, I have a lot of emotions, and I am willing to keep going!”

Part 4: Brainstorm, share with the team, and talk about the future

In the last session, each group member fully discussed the corporate culture according to the current situation of the company and their own imagination.


After a day of study

All partners deeply feel the importance of corporate culture

we believe

With the spontaneous efforts of all staff

All the partners think in one place

To make a point, twist it into a rope

No matter how difficult it is, we can overcome it

No matter how difficult the goal is, we can achieve it

Save millions of families from the pain of cancer

The mission is on the shoulders, forging ahead

Come on, Emerson

About Emerson Life Technology

Emerson Life Technology focuses on the early diagnosis and screening of high-incidence malignant tumors, providing genetic screening services for colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, bladder cancer, pan-cancer and other high-incidence malignant tumors. .

The company has been based on local development for many years, and its core technology is independent and controllable. After several years of accumulation, it has established a diversified product testing system with methylation navigation technology as the core. After tens of thousands of clinical sample verifications, the screening sensitivity is comparable to The specificity has reached the best level in the industry! Emerson Life Technology is one of the few multi-cancer screening service providers in the world.



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