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Emerson Life Technology was hired as the vice president unit of the International Europe-China Healt

News: Recently, Amison Life Technology was appointed as the vice-chairman unit by the International European-China Health Promotion Association to jointly contribute to the development of global health and improve the quality of life of people around the world.

In 2020, there will be 9.96 million cancer deaths in the world, of which 3 million are cancer deaths in China, accounting for 30% of the total cancer deaths. This is mainly due to the large number of cancer patients in China, which ranks first in the world in terms of cancer deaths.

艾米森生命科技受聘为国际欧中健康联合促进总会副会长单位 | 携手赋能全球大健康,让亿万家庭免受癌症之苦痛

Good health is a major resource for social, economic and personal development and an important part of quality of life. Adhering to the goal of 'improving health quality', building a bridge for EU-China health and the mission of benefiting EU-China and Zefu mankind, the EU-China Joint Health Promotion Association (ECGAHP) was established.

艾米森生命科技受聘为国际欧中健康联合促进总会副会长单位 | 携手赋能全球大健康,让亿万家庭免受癌症之苦痛

The Europe-China Health Promotion Association ('ECGAHP' for short) is a non-governmental, non-profit international public welfare organization jointly initiated and established by personnel engaged in health business in Europe and China, and officially registered by the North Rhine-Westphalia Court of Germany. The association takes health promotion work as a guideline and serves to promote the health of Europe and the Chinese people. ECGAHP is headquartered in Duisburg, Germany.

On the one hand, the appointment stems from the mutual high consensus on the concept of improving the quality of global health, and on the other hand, ECGAHP's affirmation of the excellent performance of Emerson Life Technology's early screening products.

艾米森生命科技受聘为国际欧中健康联合促进总会副会长单位 | 携手赋能全球大健康,让亿万家庭免受癌症之苦痛

Cooperation Outlook

In the future cooperation, Amisen Life Technology will enter the global overseas market, with Europe as the first stop and Germany as the market expansion center for early cancer screening in Europe, to provide efficient and various related services to customers from various European countries, and to combine European overseas warehouses. Network layout for fast product delivery and intelligent warehouse management. Through this cooperation with the European-China Health Promotion Association of Germany, the Emerson Life Technology brand transmission center, technology and product release platform, and overseas cancer and tumor medical ecological industry chain have been established in Europe. The micro-forum will bring many advanced cancer early screening technologies and products from Emerson Life Technology to Europe and move forward to the global market.

In the days of hand in hand and struggle in the future, Emerson Life Technology will continue to work hard to save hundreds of millions of families from the pain of cancer.

About Emerson Life Technology

Emerson Life Technology focuses on the early diagnosis and screening of high-incidence malignant tumors, providing digestive system tumors (intestinal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer), gynecological tumors (cervical cancer, endometrial cancer), urinary system tumors (bladder cancer) Cancer), pan-cancer species and other high-incidence malignant tumor genetic testing services.

The company has been based on local development for many years, and its core technology is independent and controllable. After several years of accumulation, a diversified product detection system with methylation navigation technology as the core has been established; after tens of thousands of clinical sample verifications, the screening sensitivity and specificity have reached the industry-leading level! The company has applied for 55 patents and published more than 10 cutting-edge research results. It has become one of the few multi-type cancer screening service providers in the world and a tumor early diagnosis and early screening enterprise that licenses external technology license-out.

艾米森生命科技受聘为国际欧中健康联合促进总会副会长单位 | 携手赋能全球大健康,让亿万家庭免受癌症之苦痛


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