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Ammunition Medical Laboratory

Ammunition Medical Laboratory

Wuhan Ammunition Medical Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as 'Medical Inspection Institute') was established in November 2021. It is an independent third-party medical diagnostic service institution with the provision of diagnostic services as its core business. in Wuhan High-tech Medical Equipment Park.

The Medical Inspection Institute now has a 100,000-level clean testing laboratory, a standard PCR laboratory and NGS laboratory, equipped with fluorescence quantitative PCR instruments, gene sequencers and other professional medical testing platform systems and facilities.

At present, the detection items that can be carried out include: early diagnosis and early screening of tumors, genetic detection of infectious pathogens, etc. The Medical Inspection Institute will adhere to the quality objectives of 'customer-oriented, excellence, rigorous integrity, accuracy and timeliness', and provide individuals and medical institutions with accurate and efficient medical testing services.

Relying on Emerson's advanced technology platform and product system to enable sustainable development, the Medical Inspection Institute adheres to the construction of innovative technology platforms and professional inspection teams, and is committed to becoming a modern medical inspection laboratory with world-class inspection level.

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